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Meet the Author and Artist

Schedule a Virtual Art Class or Reading Class 

Virtual Reading Program

Meet the Author and Illustrator

Audio Book Sample (click arrow to view)

Meet Julie Coy and Grant Maniér,  author and illustrator of:                                     

 -   GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe  - Different is MORE 

-    GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends  book series

Your students will listen to a delightful and heartfelt audiobook that features unique voice-over talents from Grant's close friends, plus ...  

Special Bonus: Mama Jules, voice by Julie Coy

GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe, voice by Grant Maniér


                        Book Title Options

- Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe - Different is MORE

- Tori Struggles to Read  (Dyslexia) 

- Abigail The Brave Little Llama (Childhood Cancer)

- Zoo Closed Until Further Notice (Pandemic)

- Dr. Temple Grandin Meets Grant and His Friends (Autism)  Voice-over by Dr. Temple-Grandin

Reading Class Package Includes:

                         Meet and greet with Julie Coy and Grant Maniér

Custom Audio Book Reading (Voice Actors)

Q & A with Julie and Grant

40-minute presentation

Number in attendance:  1-100 per Zoom Session

BONUS:  Receive a First Edition Hard Cover Book copy of

 Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe - Different is MORE


Virtual Reading Class

Interactive Eco-Art Class 

with Grant Maniér, The Eco-Artist

(click arrow to view)

Grant Maniér (maun-yay) is a talented Eco-Artist . 

REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE and UPCYCLE is the foundation for his art.

Grant uses thousands of cut and torn pieces of recycled paper to create his award-winning masterpieces.

Grant shares his knowledge and techniques with your students,  teaching the importance of recycling to help improve our relationship with the earth.  

Grant collaborates with students on an Eco-Art project throughout the presentation.

Prepared Canvas Art Options

  -   The Eco-Friendly Snail

 -   My Beautiful Balloon    

 Eco-Art Package Includes:

Meet and greet with Grant Maniér

Receive one 16x20 semi-prepared canvas

Supply List 

Q & A with Grant

40-minute presentation

Number in attendance: 1-6

Additional students are welcomed

*Eco-Art Kits available (additional cost)

*Semi-prepared canvas arrives prior to presentation date


Virtual Art Class

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(Indicate Reading or Art Class When Scheduling)

(Saturdays Upon Request)

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