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Grant's Jewelry 

Art Collection

Hey There Eco-Art Enthusiast! 

My 2020 Eco-Art Collection

I created this jewelry-filled Eco-Art collection to inspire all to strive to do MORE (not less) when we are challenged. 

After being quarantined twice and my art shows being canceled, I felt the COVID strain, like everyone else. For seven months, no work, no shows, ad no social life!.  I had plenty of time on my hands.

As an Eco-Artist, I make my living in search of recycled materials to create my award-winning art.

Because I couldn’t search for recycled materials due to the pandemic, I decided to add jewelry to my recycled art. I wasn’t sure if I could work with it since it’s different from paper. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. I needed sanity!

I've collected hundreds of pounds of jewelry over the last five years. 

For my COVID Art Collection, I created a mermaid, a llama, unicorn, elephant, crowns, and crosses.

But, my most prized piece is the dragon named ‘DIVOC Unleashed.’    

I named him DIVOC because it spells COVID backward. Get it?

I'd love to hear what you think about this collection.


                                                                           The Eco-Artist

This short video by Grant describes his journey of working on his new jewelry art collection during the pandemic. (4.5 minutes)  

For a long video version describing in detail how each piece was created:   CLICK HERE

Eco-Artwork, Books, and Toys

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Eco-Artwork, Books, and Toys

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Eco-Artwork, Books, and Toys

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Grant Maniér

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