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Abigail's Challenger Coin

 Badge #758 

Grant added the original challenger coin to his Eco-Art masterpiece.

Notice the little angel with her 

bell in this photo.

ABIGAIL the Brave Little Llama & GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe

8x10 prints (11x14 signed mats by the artist, Grant Maniér)


Purchase both ABIGAIL the Brave Little Llama and GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe art prints with this special offer.  

Abigail, is the newest addition to the "Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends" book series.  Follow Grant and Abigail and their friends in these incredible heartfelt storybooks.  Great Gifts!

Photo:  Ethan Arias and Grant Maniér

Grant will contribute proceeds to Ethan Arias' future education with the sales from his artwork and books!  

Abigail Rose Arias

She wore a uniform and a badge number, 758, and her story touched the lives of thousands across the country. 

Her fearless fight and “Stay Relentless” joyful attitude captivated the entire nation.

Abigail, the honorary officer, put up a fight against cancer while living her life to the fullest. Through her battle, she encouraged countless others to find joy and courage in the face of fear.

Photo:  Abigail and her llama, Cookie Monster