A classic story book for children and adults.

Different is MORE!

A young giraffe is born different; but he follows his passion despite his challenges.

  This heart-felt story resonates with anyone who feels different, but not less... they're MORE!


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Features a Dyslexia Friendly Font

Features an easier to read dyslexia font.

People with dyslexia often swap, rotate and flip letters without noticing -- creating a problem in which some letters are too similar to each other.  Dyslexie font is designed so that every letter is unique in its own form. Different, but MORE!

Special thanks to graphic designer Christian Boer for allowing his font to be used in Grant's book. Boer has dyslexia himself and designed the font to improve his reading life.


Jigsaw Grant plush toy giraffe!

        A partial shipment of the First Edition plush               toy giraffe  has arrive by Air Express and              PRE-ORDERS are in time for Christmas! 

Watch for your newborn Grant the Baby Giraffe arriving to you soon. 


  Thank you to all who patiently waited with us during this Hurricane recovery time. 

New orders as of 12/10/17 will arrive January 2018

Limited First Edition Quantity

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                                                                         Our Vision for the Future


 Our Vision for the Future

TV, Books, Games. Novelty items, and JOBS!

If you follow Grant, collect his art, or have shared his story, then you've had the opportunity to see him grow from a adolescent to a young man, living with autism, and create breath taking art masterpieces right before your eyes.   His art has made him a national award-winning artist and philanthropist.  Grant travels and raises awareness and $$ for great causes.  

As Grant's business expands, our vision is to create job skills for his fellow friends ... assisting in packaging, labeling, and MORE!     

Grant has received interests from big name TV networks who are curious about his art and products. Help Grant gain attention by supporting his mission.  Follow him on Facebook  and Instagram.


Meet the Artist, Grant Maniér

Today’s world is evolving into an Eco-friendly environment and Eco-art is playing a fundamental role in the way people are recycling.

Grant Maniér (maun-yay) is a young and talented Eco-artist. While living with autism, he has helped the environment by using recycled items for his work and led the way for special needs skills. Grant creates works of art using magazines, calendars, wallpaper, posters, puzzles and more. Each piece contains thousands of cut and torn pieces of ‘green’ materials. Because he uses cool colors, cool shapes, and cool textures, Grant calls his masterpieces, “COOLAGES”

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